What to Expect at a State Inspection Center in Grandview, MO

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Like many American states, Missouri requires its residents to submit their vehicles to regular inspections. In Missouri, however, the car’s safety, as well as its emissions, are examined by highly qualified staff. You may have several questions about what happens when you visit a state inspection center in Grandview, MO.

What does the inspection process examine?

Missouri’s inspection process looks at two fundamental components of your vehicle: its mechanical safety and its environmental emissions.

While all Missourians are expected to have the safety of their vehicle analyzed, only urban and suburban residents are compelled to receive an emissions test. Residents of St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson counties are expected to submit to smog tests in addition to the statewide safety inspection.

When must my vehicle be inspected?

The state of Missouri has a simple way of determining when vehicles are eligible for safety and emissions inspections. Cars with even model years must be inspected every even-numbered year, while cars with odd model years must be inspected every odd-numbered year.

Additionally, if you are a new Missouri resident and registering your vehicle here for the first time, you will be required to go through a vehicle inspection. If your vehicle has recently been in an accident, you are expected to have it inspected. Law enforcement officers may also compel you to have your vehicle inspected if they suspect that it does not meet current road safety standards.

There are, however, some exceptions to these rules. For instance, cars that are five model years old or newer are exempt from inspections. Similarly, vehicles displaying historic plates are not expected to go through the inspection process. If you are unsure about whether your vehicle is eligible for inspection, it’s best to consult with a state inspection center in Grandview, MO.

What happens if my vehicle does not pass its inspection?

It can be frustrating if your vehicle fails its first round of inspections. Thankfully, however, a state inspection center in Grandview, MO is here to help you identify and repair the issues that were found during the examination process.

Once the problem that caused your vehicle to fail its inspection has been identified by the inspection technician and resolved by a qualified mechanic, you can bring your car back into the same state inspection center for a free retest. It’s important to note that retests must be completed within 20 days of the original test date, however.

What’s covered in the cost of my inspection?

The cost of your Missouri state vehicle inspection is capped by the state, meaning that passenger cars and trucks will pay no more than $12 to receive their safety inspection, and all vehicles will pay no more than $24 to receive their emissions test.

All inspection services include one free retest in the case that your vehicle fails. Some mechanics will also discount the price of your inspection toward any repairs that may need to be made.

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