How Do I Know When I’m in Need of Auto AC Repairs?

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The full heat of summer is officially upon us. While barbecues, swimming and picnics are all fun-filled events to attend, leaving the house can be a drag if your vehicle is in need of auto AC repairs in Grandview, MO.

Vehicular AC systems work by compressing a refrigerant that starts out as a gas and is eventually turned into a liquid. With time, the repeated conversions of this substance lead to it degrading and eventually evaporating.

Obtaining air conditioning service in a timely and efficient manner can mean that your summer activities are more enjoyable, and save you from cumbersome rides in a sweltering car. There are several ways that you can identify if your vehicle needs to be serviced by a certified technician:

  • Loss of cooling power: The easiest way to identify that your vehicle needs auto AC repairs is simple—your air conditioning isn’t working! It may take some time before your air conditioning unit’s degraded performance is noticeable, however. Most often, the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning will slowly alter, first blowing air that is slightly less cold and growing progressively warmer until it no longer blows any cold air at all.
  • No sound of clutch engaging: When a functioning air conditioning unit is turned on, drivers will typically hear a satisfying “click,” as the air conditioner’s clutch engages. If you don’t hear this familiar noise when you attempt to start up your AC unit, you should have your vehicle inspected by a knowledgeable technician as soon as possible. Typically, however, this is just a symptom of your vehicle being low on refrigerant, as the clutch will not engage if the refrigerant pressure is too low.
  • Leaking refrigerant: Visible refrigerant leaks are almost always cues to get your vehicle to a technician as soon as possible. Delaying auto AC repairs in Grandview, MO can actually cause damage to delicate mechanisms, such as the compressor, and make the cost of repairs higher in the long run. Rather than simply getting your vehicle recharged, talented mechanics will be able to identify and repair the source of the refrigerant leak prior to refilling the unit.
  • It’s been a while: Air conditioners rely on several components, including the presence of liquid refrigerants, to properly function. If you haven’t had the refrigerant in your unit refilled for quite some time, or if you have recently purchased a used car, it could be time to bring it in for a recharge. While there is no set time period that determines how quickly vehicles burn through refrigerant, drivers in hot climates typically engage their air conditioning units more often, resulting in less time in between charges.

Southern Safety Automotive Service provides Grandview, MO and the surrounding communities with reliable automotive services, including auto AC repairs! All of our talented mechanics are ASE-certified, meaning that they have undergone more than 60 hours of education each year in order to maintain their accreditation.

There’s no need to suffer through the summer sun—give us a call today to learn how you can go about obtaining auto AC repairs in Grandview, MO for your vehicle. Our friendly staff members are here to help you enjoy the season!

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