Mechanics in Grandview, MO Share Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Repair Shop

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Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. You must clean it, maintain it and get it inspected—otherwise, you risk costly repairs. Car problems can pop up unexpectedly or leave a trail of warning signs, so we’ve asked professional mechanics in Grandview, MO to share some tips for choosing the right auto repair shop:

  • Get recommendations: You don’t want to take your car, truck or SUV to just any old auto shop for inspections and repairs—especially if you rely on your vehicle for work. Therefore, your best bet to finding a top-notch auto repair shop near you is to get recommendations from the people you know and trust. Ask friends, family, coworkers and neighbors where they take their car for maintenance, or even post a request for recommendations on your social media pages. This is the quickest way to gather a list of business names to research further.
  • Check out shop ratings online: When you’re having car troubles, you want to and need to get them fixed right away. You may or may not have a list of businesses from friends and family. Regardless, get started checking the Internet for a shop’s ratings as soon as possible. Read customer reviews to get a better understanding of a mechanic’s customer service skills. If you read something you like, then head to their website to learn more.
  • Call around for quotes: For bigger jobs like brake repair and transmission replacement, it would behoove you to call around for quotes for service fees and parts. This ensures you are not getting ripped off or are going to receive subpar products and service. Unless a service fee sounds exceptionally high for a smaller, more routine service—like an oil change or tire inspection—you likely do not need to call several shops for quotes.
  • Select a local shop: If you are community-oriented (or would like to be), you’ll want to select a local, family owned and operated auto repair shop. With a small business, you are likely to find someone you know who goes to them. By hiring a nearby auto service, not only are you supporting a locally owned business, you are also keeping money in your community.
  • Make sure they offer the service you need: Here’s an important point: you need to make sure the shop you choose actually offers the automotive service you need. For instance, a shop may have a specific niche. They might only sell new tires, or they may only specialize in auto body repair work. You don’t want to go to such niche shops if you are seeking something like a routine auto maintenance service, emissions testing, engine inspection or wheel alignment. Check the business’ website or call to find out whether they offer a specific service.

Whether you need a routine oil change, brake repair or another car service, be sure to leave the work to the experts at Southern Safety Automotive Service. We employ trained and certified mechanics in Grandview, MO to work on your vehicle, and we are more than happy to answer questions. Call us to schedule an appointment!

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