Top Signs You Need a Professional’s Assessment for Transmission Repair in Grandview, MO

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Vehicles with automatic transmissions are not immune to transmission problems. Like manual cars, automatics can suddenly stop functioning properly or completely cease to work in a safe manner. Since this is the case, you should be in the know about what could happen in the event you experience a failing transmission, as well as the precursors to impending failure. Transmission problems can be expensive to fix, but being observant can prevent a small issue from turning into something much larger.

Here are some of the top signs you need a professional’s assessment for transmission repair in Grandview, MO:

  • Hard and rough shifting: There are a couple of obvious signs that your vehicle is not shifting right. The first is your car refusing to shift gears, and the other is noticing that the gears are not shifting as smoothly as they once did. A vehicle shifting normally does not make clucking sounds or thuds when the gears change. Not being able to speed up quickly is also associated with rough shifts.
  • Transmission is slipping: When driving a manual transmission vehicle, a transmission slip can be attributed to driver error. However, if you are experiencing transmission slipping in an automatic vehicle, then there is likely something wrong. Slipping will feel like the automatic gears are shifting at random instead of when they actually need to. You may hear a change in the engine’s sound or pitch, or the vehicle may begin to struggle, lose power or lack the ability to accelerate.
  • Transmission fluid leaking: Because vehicle transmissions are built as sealed units, they should never leak any fluid. If you suspect that your transmission is leaking because you notice spots of fluid on your driveway or garage floor or after you leave a parking spot, lay down a flat piece of cardboard under the front to middle area of the car to get indications of fresh leaks. The color of transmission fluid is usually bright red, but can also be dark red or dark brown. Visit your mechanic immediately for a diagnosis and repair.
  • Strange sounds and odors: A failing transmission may produce a whining sound from the area under the hood. Thudding or slamming sounds are also not unusual during a malfunction. Strange smells may accompany unusual transmission sounds, like a burning odor not connected to a recent oil change. Clean transmission fluid typically smells a little sweet and tart, but should not linger for long.
  • Dashboard warning light is on: The “check engine” light illuminating on your vehicle’s dashboard can be an indication of many things. While it doesn’t always mean you have a transmission problem, the light coming on coupled with the aforementioned signs could mean trouble on the horizon. Have a professional look at it right away.

Regular car maintenance and inspections can mean the difference between a quick and simple fix and costly transmission repair in Grandview, MO. Don’t wait too long to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle, and avoid neglecting regular inspections. Contact Southern Safety Automotive Service for all your transmission servicing needs!

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