The Importance of Vehicle Inspections

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Cars are complex mechanical miracles. While convenient, accessible personal transportation is taken for granted in the modern age, any vehicular mechanic can tell you that cars require a substantial amount of consistent upkeep to continue operating successfully. Your car should receive consistent maintenance services and regular inspections so that you are aware of its mechanical health. Receiving regular car inspections in Grandview, MO from a qualified mechanic can help you stay safe on the road and address any maintenance concerns preemptively.

Car inspections in Grandview, MO are beneficial for a number of reasons, including personal safety, cost effectiveness and state mandates. In Missouri, state law requires most vehicles on the road to pass regular safety inspections.

If you have received a notice stating that your car is due for an inspection, you must visit a station certified by the Missouri Highway Patrol to check your car and ensure that it is still safe for daily operations. Here are just some of the things that state automotive inspection offices will examine while your car is in the shop:

  • Interior controls: First, the inspector will examine the car’s interior. They will be ensuring that all of your controls are intact, and that the dashboard’s gauges are still issuing the appropriate readings. They will also examine the hand brake and rearview mirror.
  • Exterior safety features: Car inspections in Grandview, MO will also ensure that your car’s mirrors are in good working order, and that all of its lights are operating correctly. They will also check the integrity of your gas cap and inlet restrictor.
  • Mechanical integrity: The inspector will also look at the mechanical integrity of your engine and its supporting components. They will ensure that it is running at an appropriate temperature, that the radiator is operating as intended and that the car’s electrical systems are in good working order.
  • Emissions: During car inspections in Grandview, MO, the state inspector will check the emissions your car is putting out and ensure that they meet state environmental guidelines. If your emissions are too dirty, they may require you to hire a qualified mechanic for repairs.
  • Brakes: The inspector will also ensure that all of your car’s brakes are in good working order. They may also be able to tell you about the status of your vehicle’s brakes, and help you determine an appropriate replacement schedule.

For more than half a century, Southern Safety Automotive Service has been providing dependable car inspections in Grandview, MO. We are known as the premier providers of mechanical inspections in the region. Our garage is proud to be a certified state inspection station for the Missouri Highway Patrol.

You can count on our dedicated and well-trained staff to critically analyze your automobile, and inform you of any damaged or malfunctioning components. Because we are also the region’s most trusted repair shop, you can rely on us to successfully address any issues that may be brought to light by your inspection. If you would like to learn more about our extensive range of service offerings, contact one of our helpful representatives today!

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