Why Do You Need to Flush Your Radiator? Tips from Radiator Repair Specialists

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There are a variety of benefits that come with flushing your radiator. The expense is not at all prohibitive, which means you should make it a part of your regular vehicle maintenance schedule. If you are willing to do a bit of research, you’ll find plenty of places that offer this excellent type of radiator repair in Grandview, MO at a very affordable price.

The process of flushing your radiator involves pushing between four and five gallons of antifreeze through the system, which in turn flushes out all of the old antifreeze and any contaminants that have lodged themselves inside your cooling system. This flushing process ensures all of the old antifreeze is removed from the vehicle, and is a much more reliable process than draining the radiator, which might only remove half of the total antifreeze and not even half of the contaminants that have built up inside the system. This means that in the draining process, the new antifreeze will mix with the old, which is not at all ideal.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits that come with having your radiator flushed:

  • It will get rid of built-up scale and rust: Rust and scale deposits will build up over time inside of your radiator, and it is important to get them out, because the buildups could cause your radiator to overheat, which makes significant damage more likely. Flushing the radiator is the most efficient way to get rid of these deposits.
  • It lubricates the water pump: Additives in the coolant you run through the radiator during the flushing process also serve to lubricate the water pump. This stretches out its lifespan.
  • System inspection: In many cases, mechanics will perform a complete inspection of your cooling system at the same time as performing a radiator flush. This will include, for example, pressure tests that check for leaks in the system. Usually this service is included in the price of your radiator flush (if not, you should look elsewhere). But what’s really beneficial about this add-on service is that by having your radiator flushed, you could potentially identify problems in your vehicle you would not have known about otherwise, allowing you to fix them before they become truly problematic and saving you a great deal of money.
  • Removal of other contaminants: Not only does flushing your system remove scale and rust deposits, but it also drains any contaminants and old antifreeze still in the system. The additives inside the coolant lose anti-corrosive properties over time, which makes it easier for particles to build up inside the system. This is why it’s important to get that old antifreeze out after a certain amount of time has passed.
  • Protection against foam and rust: New antifreeze will have those additives that have not yet broken down, meaning your system is better protected against rust, foam and contaminants. This means it will operate more efficiently.

For more information about the benefits of a radiator flush, or to learn more about radiator repair in Grandview, MO, contact our skilled specialists today.

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