Your Brake Repair & Replacement Headquarters in Grandview, MO

Brake RepairIf you’re like most people, you probably take the brakes on your vehicle for granted, ignoring them until there’s a problem. But your car’s brake system is the number one safety feature on your automobile. You really can’t afford to cut corners on brake repair and regular maintenance if you want to keep you & your loved ones safe.

Here at Southern Safety Automotive Service in Grandview, MO, we recommend that you have us inspect your brakes at least twice a year to ensure there are no problems and so you can avoid more costly repairs, or worse total brake system failure when you need it most, on the road. In fact, when you’re bringing your car to us for regular maintenance, we’ll make sure we inspect your vehicle’s brakes. We want to make sure your car stops in an emergency or that your brakes won’t lock up, causing your vehicle to become virtually immovable.

Signs It’s Time For Brake Repair

Don’t feel bad if you’ve ignored brake inspections in the past or if your previous mechanic wasn’t inspecting your car’s brakes. You might not even be aware you have a brake problem unless you know the signs.

  • Noises: If you’re hearing squealing, scraping, grinding, or scratching noises when you tap on your breaks, you need to call or come see us right away. Ignoring the problem could wind up ruining your brakes and then you’re dealing with the expense of brake replacement.
  • Slow Stop: If your car is taking longer to stop or you’re pressing further down on your brake pedal, it’s time to have us take a look at your brakes so you can know what’s going on and have a safe vehicle that stops quickly again.
  • Side Pulls: If your car moves to the left or right when you stop, it’s a sign that one side of the brake system isn’t working properly. Brakes don’t always wear down evenly. Just because one side is working doesn’t mean you can wait a little longer for a brake service.
  • Warning Light: Whether the light is yellow or red, warning lights on your vehicle are not things you can safely ignore. A warning light is telling you to call us immediately and bring your car in now. Because brakes are integral to keeping you safe, you need to think of brake warning lights like the oil warning light.

Even if you aren’t noticing signs that your brakes need attention, especially if it’s been awhile since your brakes were inspected, it’s a good idea to come in and have us take a look at them. Making sure your pads and rotors are in good working order can save you from costly brake replacement down the line. But if your brakes do need to be replaced, we can do that too.

We service all types of vehicles from foreign to domestic and we perform every level of brake service from inspections to full brake replacement at our shop in Grandview, MO. If you’re worried about the state of your brakes, or it’s time for a brake inspection, contact Southern Safety Automotive Service today.