Fleet Vehicle Maintenance in Grandview, MO

shutterstock_182023217Maintaining fleet vehicles has a direct and positive impact on their ability to serve your organization. Southern Safety Automotive Service knows this better than anyone, which is why we offer a full scope of fleet vehicle maintenance services.

Our fleet maintenance and repair capabilities are completely encompassing—from oil changes and tune-ups, to general maintenance and repairs. We’ve earned the business of numerous local business fleets, as well as municipal partners such as the local police department. Organizations know they can trust their fleets to us for unparalleled car repairs in Grandview, MO.


shutterstock_118548643One of the things that sets us apart from other fleet service providers is our ability to run comprehensive diagnostics on your vehicles. Using computerized engine diagnostics and analysis, we’re able to pinpoint problems before they happen, saving your vehicle from suffering downtime. This in turn saves you money and keeps your fleet vehicles functioning at their best for longer!

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

Whether you’ve got a couple of vehicles that just need regular oil changes or you’ve got a fleet of hundreds with tire service needs, we welcome your fleet. Some of the many services we’re able to provide include:

State Inspections

State inspections are required for most commercial vehicles over 18,000 lbs. When the time comes for you to visit a state inspection center in Grandview, MO, come to Southern Safety Automotive Service! We’ll get your vehicle checked out and signed off on, so you can get it out on the road for duty. We’re licensed to provide a full range of state DOT and motor vehicle inspections and tests.

For more information about our approach to fleet vehicle maintenance and service, or to schedule an appointment for inspections and testing, please give us a call at 816-761-2043.