Underbody Work in Grandview, MO

Your vehicle’s undercarriage sees tremendous abuse while out on the road. Maintaining the suspension, drivetrain and other underbody components is critical to ensuring you’re able to drive safely. At Southern Safety Automotive Service, we’re your underbody specialists for everything from shocks and struts to transmission repairs in Grandview, MO. Our abilities include:


  • CV and Drive Axle Service: Do you hear a clicking noise while you’re turning? Is there excessive vibration coming from your steering wheel? It’s problems like these that can signal CV and drive axle damages. We can resolve them, to restore the integrity to these critical undercarriage parts.
  • Exhaust Work: If your tailpipe sounds like an Indy car or your exhaust keeps triggering your “check engine” light, it can’t wait to be repaired. Our team of mechanics in Grandview, MO is staffed by exhaust professionals who can administer repairs, from manifold to tailpipe and everywhere in between.
  • Shock and Strut Replacements: To keep your ride from feeling like a rollercoaster, you need good shocks and struts. When these components break down and wear out they need to be replaced—which is one of our specialties! We’ll help keep your vehicle smooth and safe on the road.
  • Transmission Servicing: Transmission repairs in Grandview, MO are nothing to mess around with. Come and see our trained and experienced professionals when you have transmission woes and we’ll quickly set them right again. We can flush, reseal, repair and rebuild.
  • Differential Axle Repairs: Problems with your differential spells a problem for your entire suspension. We’re adept at identifying issues with your differential and setting them right again, to avoid other major failures.

When undercarriage troubles become apparent in your vehicle, trust the professionals at Southern Safety Automotive Service to identify and resolve them to their fullest. Our mission is to make sure you hit the road once again in a vehicle that’s free of defects and totally functional. Schedule your appointment with us today by calling 816-761-2043.